How We Can Help

Federal Funds and Project Approvals

We are high level project managers steeped in federal water policy and have a very successful track record in providing significant federal funding to local agencies. We are also prepared to expedite your projects through the federal system. We are U.S. Army Corps of Engineers experts well-versed in Corps processes and procedure in helping to shape and secure project approvals through the federal system. We know the decision-makers. We can break through the federal bureaucracy by shaping innovative solutions and drive them through the federal agencies and Congress. We work hand in glove with your staff, your Congressional delegation, and Administration decision-makers to secure approved projects that communities want and can afford. Our record of success is unmatched. We help you shape these projects so that they can become assets and building blocks to economic health in the community.

What Full Service Looks Like

We provide seamless, full service expertise in the water resources, ecosystem restoration and infrastructure arenas. We develop strategic approaches with multiple roads to success for your project, which include the development of policy arguments and high level approvals on Capitol Hill, the federal agencies and the Administration.

Next, we develop the final arguments and key support needed to produce powerful successes for our public agencies in the legislative and administrative arenas — whether they be federal funding, approval of Chief’s Reports, Project Partnerships Agreements, or legislative authorization language. We leave nothing to chance, developing the key talking points, Members’ letters, brochures and white papers. We also orchestrate and develop every facet of your agency’s Washington visits — a key element of our strategy. Our focused and aggressive approach in securing federal funding and project approvals has produced tremendous results and billions of dollars in federal funds for our clients. We believe, we can produce the same results for you and your community.